HIPAA Consulting

HIPAA Consulting

EHR Advisors, the country's most trusted Meaningful Use expert for Medical providers and Dentists alike.

HIPAA Patrol provides you with expert services to address your HIPAA Privacy & Security needs including advisory services for breach notification and assistance in developing your practice's custom Security Risk Analysis ("SRA"). Because of EHR Advisors experience, we have created the HIPAA Patrol Toolbox which addresses everything your practice needs to be in compliance with basic HIPAA standards. EHR Advisors team can quickly assess your organization’s level of compliance and then assist in developing a customized plan to address areas of risk and exposure.

Remember, HIPAA rules for Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification apply to all medical providers, including dental practices. Don't be fooled into thinking the rules don't apply to you! As a “Covered Entity” under HIPAA, you are either a health care provider, health plan, OR healthcare clearinghouse that electronically transmits any health information and are subject to all HIPAA mandates and regulations.......this includes dentists!

As a Covered Entity, your pratice must take steps to comply with these new regulations. One possible starting point is the designation of a Security or Privacy Officer. EHR Advisors can help you meet the compliance measures and includes:

  • Training & Overview of all HIPAA and Omnibus rule changes;
  • The creation of custom privacy and security policies;
  • The performance of a SRA;
  • Breach Notification framework;
  • The review of and creation of mobile device and social media policies;
  • Documentation of all completed policies and workflows;
  • And much more!

Remember that compliance is not a one-time thing; it is mandatory and ongoing!

Spring Into HIPAA Compliance Special: $249.00 per month per physical office location and/or separate business entity.

Our service is 100% guaranteed because we don't get paid until you get paid!

Common Failures for a HIPAA Audit

Are you guilty?

HIPAA compliance can be tricky for even the most dedicated practice to conquer. Be careful not to make these simple mistakes:

1. The failure to complete an appropriate Security Risk Analysis or SRA is one of the top reasons a practice fails an audit.

2. Failure to train staff on encryption requirements for patient communciations.

3. Failure to implement and use a Certified EHR software system.

4. Failure to document all security, privacy and HIPAA compliance policies in WRITING.

5. Failure to appropriately secure patient health information in all access points and areas.

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